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Considering everyone uses their truck differently, there is no single right solution. That’s why BAK Industries offers four different BAKFlip hard folding truck bed cover options. Each is designed for a different need, but they all share the hallmarks of BAK Industries products: durability, reliability, and quality.

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BAKFlip MX4 Folding Tonneau Cover

BAKFlip MX4 Folding Tonneau Cover

The BAKFlip MX4 is a great looking aluminum tonneau cover in a flat matte finish that provides incredible resistance to scratches and UV rays. The newly upgraded rear seal is universal and allows you to close your cover while the tailgate is in the open or closed position - no need to worry about damaging your cover when you close the cover in a hurry. Features include Matte elevator bolts, prop rod clips, rail end caps, and finished cab corner caps, as well as premium density foam core that stands up strong to heavy use and abuse. This cover is rated to hold up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight right on top. The latch housing is injection molded, for supreme durability that will last for the long haul.

  • Manufactured using aluminum panels
  • A matte black finish covers the entire top of the cover
  • Enhanced prop rod clips to add a better clamping system
  • Quick and easy, complete bed access
  • Enhanced bumpers sit on top of the cover for an added cushion when folded against the cab
  • Safely drive with the cover in 2/3 or fully open
  • No drilling needed to install the cover
  • Enhanced EPDM rubber seal end caps add looks and functionality
  • The durable EPDM rubber seals are great for keeping excess water out
  • Capable of carrying 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight
  • Enhanced end caps for the mounting rails
  • Multi-function tailgate seal
  • Drain tubes included (some trucks require drilling for installation)
  • Made in the U.S.A. and backed with a 5-year warranty
BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover

BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover

When you need to haul large items, simply fold the G2 up toward your cab and secure it in place with the provided struts. The G2's rails have an integrated channel that drains water away from the cover and out of your truck bed through plastic tubes. Also, the rails attach to your bed with bolt-on clamps; no drilling is necessary. The cover uses durable EPDM rubber seals along the length of the rails and at the hinges to prevent water from seeping into the bed and a gloss-black powder coat protects the aluminum panels on the G2 and creates a rich, lustrous look. A simple string latch system is used to open the cover. When closed, the latches automatically engage with the tonneau cover rails.

  • Panels constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • EPDM seals provide maximum water resistance
  • Powder-coated panels protect against harsh UV rays
  • Holds 300 lbs evenly distributed
  • 3-year warranty
BAKFlip F1 Tonneau Cover

BAKFlip F1 Tonneau Cover

The F1 is versatile to fit your lifestyle. When you need to load furniture or other large items in your bed, simply fold the F1 toward your cab and fasten the support struts. You'll have total bed access and the ability to drive safely down the road without removing the cover. A water drainage system incorporated into the tonneau cover channels liquids off the F1 and into drainage tubes that exit through your bed, keeping your cargo safe and dry. The panels on the F1 are made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), a lightweight and heat-resistant material that is virtually dent-proof and a textured black powder-coat covers the FRP panels. Also, no drilling is necessary to install. To open the F1, just pull the string latches to fold the cover toward your cab. When you close the cover, the latches will automatically engage with the rail.

  • Panels constructed of aluminum with an FRP coating on top
  • EPDM seals provide maximum water resistance
  • FRP exterior panel stays cooler to the touch
  • Universal tailgate seal
  • Holds 400 lbs evenly distributed
  • 5-year warranty
BAKFlip Fibermax Tonneau Cover

BAKFlip Fibermax Tonneau Cover

The Fibermax truck bed cover is designed for ease of use. It will conveniently open to your truck's bulkhead when you need to carry oversize cargo and struts hold the cover in place so you can drive safely with the cover open. Water is channeled off the cover and away from your bed by the integrated water drainage system in the rails of the FiberMax. The FiberMax uses EPDM rubber seals along the rails and hinges to keep water from draining into your truck bed and the panels are held in place by an automatic latching system. When you need to open the cover, use the strings located on either side to release the latches and fold up the cover. Peace of mind also comes with the cover because it does not require any drilling to install.

  • Fiberglass reinforced polymer top doesn't dent
  • Flush hinge system
  • Added cab & window protection
  • Modular latches ensure a proper fit
  • Rail guides make mounting easy
  • Quick-release attachment system
  • 3-year warranty