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MX Series Truck Cap

The A.R.E. MX Classic mid-high roof provides more headroom and storage capacity while offering easier access to your gear. The exclusive walk-in door option provides effortless access plus better line-of-sight for users who pull trailers or boats. Also, the taller rear window on the ARE MX has another advantage – visibility. If you tow frequently, sometimes seeing around your trailer when backing can be a problem. The tall rear window gives you a better view out of the rear of your truck.

  • T-Handle Lock Single or double t-handle lock for rear door keeps the truck bed secure.
  • Additional Headroom Mid-high roof provides more headroom and storage capacity for cargo.
  • Front Picture Window Easy visibility out of the rear window.
  • Half Slider Side Windows

Many Add-on Features Available - use the "Build Your Cap" link below

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